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Daily Record quotes Geoff Genth in an article about using collaborative law to resolve business disputes

Geoff Genth was quoted in an article in the Daily Record on December 15, 2017 about the concept of employing collaborative law to resolve business disputes. Until recently, collaborative law was generally reserved for family law matters. It is now being considered for commercial litigation, construction disputes, and in other types of cases. One important aspect of the practice is the emphasis on preserving relationships.

"The human complexity of business partners breaking up can sometimes echo the complexity of spouses breaking up. There are ways to resolve human conflicts without a full adversary proceeding," Geoff said in Keeping family law cases away from the courtroom.

Geoff is nationally recognized for his work in handling business disputes, including business divorce cases involving co-owners of privately owned companies. He added, "I think there are many reasons in business disputes to settle without trial and they include the cost of full-blown litigation, the complexity of the business issues that come up in a business context and the need for a resolution without 18 months of pretrial work followed by a potential appeal. Good lawyers should always be creative about efficient outcomes with a minimum of adversarial proceedings."