Internal Investigations

From time to time, corporations and other institutions find it necessary to conduct independent, internal investigations of suspected wrongdoing or misconduct by individuals within the organization. These matters may involve allegations of embezzlement, graft, or schemes to defraud customers or regulators. The allegations may concern sexual harassment, whistleblower claims, diversion of corporate opportunities, and shareholder disputes.

Kramon & Graham has substantial experience in both conducting independent internal investigations and representing individuals who are the subject of those investigations. When retained to conduct the investigations, our attorneys work with the organization to establish the protocols and objectives for the investigation. Frequently, the scope of our work includes interviewing witnesses, analyzing records, and generating a formal written report of our findings and proposed changes to corporate governance policies and internal controls to minimize the risk of future incidents. Our work in this area is undertaken with the recognition of the organization's need to continue business operations while at the same time addressing what are often serious and sensitive personnel issues.

The targets of corporate investigation can face extraordinary difficulties and also often need to retain counsel. The outcome of the investigation can adversely affect an individual's ability to make a living and can cause lasting damage to his or her reputation and standing in the community. Many times the individual faces the possibility of indictment or is under active criminal investigation. Kramon & Graham regularly represents these clients in those investigations and also assists in developing a strategy for navigating what can be a stressful and difficult process.

Internal Investigations



Internal Investigations