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John Dougherty and Sheila Gibbs successfully represent highway contractor in bid protest

John F. DoughertySheila R. GibbsKramon & Graham government contracts attorneys John Dougherty and Sheila Gibbs won a bid protest for a highway contractor in an appeal before the Maryland State Board of Contract Appeals. The contractor filed a bid protest in January 2018, asserting that the Maryland State Highway Administration should cancel the solicitation and rebid the contract because it had materially misrepresented the schedule for the project. After a two-day hearing in November 2018, the Board of Contract Appeals sustained the contractor's appeals, holding that SHA's misrepresentation "made it impossible to conduct a fair and meaningful evaluation of the bids" and "was so fraudulent or arbitrary as to constitute a breach of trust."

The Daily Record covered the case in its article, “Contract appeals board: Calvert Co. SHA project solicitation defective” (February 12, 2019). The Board of Appeals' decision is: Appeal of Milani Construction, LLC, MSBCA Docket Nos. 3074 & 3088 (2019).